What is a business made of in the end, save people? Employees are the backbone of a business, so making sure they’re the best of the best is an essential endeavor for any business owner. With low employee retention, however, you’ll never accomplish all the goals you have in mind, so boost your employees and you’ll see a boost in your business at the same time!

Rethink Your Company Culture

A lot of the reason why a person stays in a job has to do with whether they like working there—more specifically, how much recognition and direction they’re given, as well as the corporate culture experience. To make sure your culture is one that employees will never want to leave, consider how often you allow employees to be heard, how often people can collaborate instead of be isolated, and how often contributions are rewarded or recognized. When these things improve, so do your chances of keeping employees in, and making them really value the work they put in at your company.

Implement 6S

Explain what 6S is and how it can be used to improve both a business and employee retention. If you haven’t heard of 6S, here’s a quick rundown—it’s referring to the 6 ‘S’s of engaging employees in improving every process of the company, namely Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, and Safety. Prioritizing safety is the difference between 6S and 5S systems, which should help improve worker confidence, among other things. Morale among employees is another great benefit, as feeling efficient, effective, and safe significantly contributes to a positive atmosphere. 6S is also very practical too, four out of the six principles referring to streamlining the dissemination of information so that no work is mindless or unneeded.

Encourage Employee Ownership

An employee works to get paid, put simply, but things are never actually so simple. Without feeling fulfilled, a worker is just as likely to go after another job than yours. Feeling a sense of ownership helps both employees and the work they do to flourish. To help your employees take ownership, define company values for them to emulate, give them independent work to increase accountability, and promote teamwork.

A business has many working parts that contribute to its success, but the hands that work those parts are particularly essential. Without employees truly investing into your company rather than just working for it, success will be hard to achieve. Improve employee retention, and both your business and your workers will flourish!


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