There are a thousand things you may be trying to keep track of as you start your new business. Juggling these many aspects of your company can result in some important things being forgotten! Here are a few things you should remember to dedicate some time and thought to as you craft your business plan.

How to Scale

Growth is viewed linearly—the numbers and patterns of your profits tracked on a screen are an obvious measure of the progress of your company. Increase funding, increase profits. Scale, however, refers to the growth your company experiences without major increases in expenditure. Planning how to scale your business requires a lot of research into the market you are a part of. Identify areas where you feel your product or service will thrive or decline, and determine what the highest quality you can achieve is while remaining within your budget. Make networking goals to open opportunities for outside help and expansion. Lay out your goals for how you will increase your productivity without requiring a significant increase in funding.

How to Bill Your Clients

Once your plan of action is set, you’ll need to create a system for billing your clients. This is definitely something you need to be well prepared for! Establish an organized process for pricing, transaction, invoicing, and recording all billing. Creating an invoice template will make billing easy and consistent. You can even use programs that will generate these invoices for you based on a pre-designed template, with your only job being to insert the basic information. Decide what platform(s) you want to use for payment—PayPal, direct deposit, etc. Finish this process with a prompt confirmation of payment to your client, so that both you and they have a record of the transaction. With these steps in place, exchanges will run smoothly and your data will be logged automatically!

How to Structure Your Team

Your business is made up of a variety of branches with different tasks, each necessary for your company to run at all. This system of branches does not fall into place by itself! Create a map of leadership positions determining who will report to who and on what, how branches will cooperate, and how the chain of information will flow to you as the head. A well-organized structure of team members will help you manage your business effectively. 


Don’t let these important aspects of your business plan blindside you right from the start! All you need to do is make sure that you’re properly prepared. This will help you to be confident that you have covered the basic needs of a successful business.


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