Your site is ready and you’ve done all the preparation. But it is complicated to get those eyes on the internet to go where you’d like them to be. You need more sales, but it’s frustrating to find them. How can you make your ecommerce store more attractive to customers?  

Make the Experience Painless

First, you want your customers to not only associate you with products, but with an experience they enjoy. Everything in your site should be simple to use and simple to load. Often when e-commerce is designed, it doesn’t have the loading speed convenient for mobile purchasing. This can create a large “bounce rate” in which customers come to the site, but between the first or second page of loading pictures, wander away to go elsewhere. Your job is to make sure that they keep clicking.

Offer Rewards Points

Store loyalty programs can incentivize customers to come back for more. This can include such things as requesting simple surveys via email with a percentage offer, quizzes on social media (which double as market research!), and digital “bonus cards” as have been used in small marketplace systems for generations. Give them a reason that yours is the only store they frequent for this particular product, and a reason to remember both your products and your website.

SEO is King

Search Engine Optimization matters immensely to the ecommerce marketplace. You need to make sure that your business is registered at the Google Business site, just as you would have decades ago made sure to be in the yellow pages. After you know you’re listed, you make sure that your ratings are good, and ask customers to please give feedback. It matters! Likewise, you’re easier to find if you update your site frequently. If this means having a blog on your storefront, or changing merchandise, the algorithms need to be able to see that your store is in constant use and that your site is active. This ensures that you can be found by more customers and be forefront in your area.

Remember, overall e-commerce has the same goals and desires as a brick and mortar store. You want engagement, customer loyalty and most of all, purchases which satisfy your customers. Anybody can sell something to a customer once. Don’t forget, your goal is deeper- great word of mouth, and ongoing sales brought about by excellent customer service!

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