A successful marketing campaign doesn’t happen by accident or with little effort behind it. Creating and correctly executing an effective marketing campaign takes time, focus, and careful planning. Often business owners will take things they’ve seen before and craft them into somewhat of a Frankenstein marketing campaign that will no doubt fail. The following list entails some of the key components to creating a successful marketing campaign.


Making Your Product Desirable

There is one thing that both digital and physical marketing campaigns have in common and that is the importance of content. Let’s be real for a second; none of us look to our email or physical mail for advertising. Thus business owners have one shot and one shot only to capture the attention of their customers. Two things should be kept in mind when crafting content. One is keeping your message short but effective. The other is hitting them with an attention-grabbing layout, such as loud, bright colors. Focusing on these the next time you are preparing to construct your content should place you ahead of the competition.


Reaching Your Target Audience

Before any content or design is created, you must determine who your target audience is going to be. The success of your marketing campaign rides on making sure your ideal customer is being targeted. So, what are some of the key components to finding your perfect audience? You must first determine the demographics for your service, such as what age, gender, and lifestyle best fit your ideal client. Some other questions to think about are: Who is most likely to have this problem? And who is more prone to answer the email/mail? Lastly, you must also make sure that even after your target audience is chosen that they are actually receiving your mail. With approximately 5% of mail delivered via USPS actually being undeliverable, it’s important to ensure you have the correct contact information if attempting to reach potential customers through postal services.


The Offer

One of the biggest misconceptions about email and physical mail marketing is that the customer will determine if they’re going to buy from you or not after reading your mail. This is far from the truth and should not be the goal of your campaign. Often the offer or value provided to the customer is what later will drive them to do business with you. This offer can be as simple as a free ebook about your service or a free consultation. The goal here is for your potential customer to interact with your business.


The success of a marketing campaign is many times determined by many factors. Therefore, business owners should understand that trial and error will be the norm until you get a desirable outcome. Your chances of seeing success, however, can be increased by simply following a sound plan.

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