In this day and age, public image is everything when it comes to having a successful brand. However, even when your reputation is stellar, here are some things you should consider before using your personal image to promote your business.

Never Too Small for a Logo

If you are popular or have a lot of contacts, you might be tempted to use your face as a promotion in hopes of gaining traction for your business quickly. However, using your face can make your business seem less professional and prevent customers from being able to identify with your brand if they don’t identify with you personally. Not only are logos cool ways of promoting any size business, but they can also help your business to be more memorable and stand out from the competition. Even if you are just starting out, having a logo can help your business look just as professional as a large company.

The Face of Your Company

On another note, depending on what type of company you have, it might be a great idea to use your face as a way of promoting it, especially if you tailor your image for the workplace. For example, if you are a lawyer or other solo professional, having a professional headshot can benefit you tremendously since you are the brand and product that is being promoted. Studies have shown that LinkedIn profiles with headshots get more views. This is because most profiles on LinkedIn are of professionals who are promoting themselves, and people may feel like they are getting to know the person they will trust with their business.

Using a Logo and Your Face

One way you can capitalize on your popularity while also maintaining a professional presence is by using both a logo and your face whenever you are promoting your business. This works well if you are selling an actual product that you want people to associate with you, in order to encourage them to use it. In this case, you would still have a logo as a representation for the actual product. However, you could use your image via advertising, social media and other channels, as a way of marketing your product to your audience.

Whether you use your image, a logo or both, the choice will really depend on what your actual product is and who your audience is. Furthermore, you should know that when you are attaching your image to your product, any negative press you receive can have a negative impact on your product as well. Consider your options and make the right choice for your company.

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