One of the more effective ways to find new customers is by working with other companies directly. These partnerships between a neighboring company and your own are referred to as “B2B Sales.” You help each other out and use one another’s products. But how do you make and keep different partnerships, and how do you know when an offer is worth extending?

Do Your Research

You should spend a lot of time researching various companies in your area to find potential clients. All marketing campaigns tend to home in on a specific kind of business, so if you find that you tend to research a specific kind of company, you can gear your presentation to them.

Develop a firm understanding of what each company sells and figure out some sort of relationship between your two products. Offer possible suggestions that could benefit both of you in as equal of a way as possible. Make sure to investigate the type of audience of your potential partner company.

Organize Your Information

Next, you need to organize your findings in one short presentation. Around 15–20 minutes is appropriate, but you should also leave plenty of time for questions and elaboration. Putting all the information in one place for your potential client to review is a great step. Offer a printed or digital document after the meeting so they can think about it more clearly.

Keeping everything organized with smooth transitions will show that you are a competent business with an eye for effective marketing. Lastly, you should write down any potential questions you think the business owners may have so you can be prepared.

Be Presentable

While you may be professionally researched and put together, you also have to ensure you have the qualities of a good presentation. Do your claims make sense? Are you acting confident in your suggestions? Do you seem confident in your own product? If any of your answers to these questions are no, you may want to rethink your strategy.

Claims or propositions founded on evidence should make you feel more confident. Practice your presentation several times to get the feel for it. Bring physical prototypes if you have an actual product. There are so many other ways you can make your presentation great, but these are a few great starting points.

B2B sales can be one of your greatest assets—particularly in times of economic downturn. This is the time to make allies and develop your support system. It will make your business more stable in a cooperative community.

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