If you’ve spent any amount of time on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed something: motivation is trendy. Everyone’s trying to bolster their own personal success by using inspirational quotes. And if you want to stay current, you should too. But how do you make quote graphics? Which quotes should you choose? Here are some quick tips for social media success.

Choose the Right Quotes for Your Audience

While inspirational quotes are great, it’s difficult to keep everyone engaged. It’s always important to target your quote for your audience. After all, these are the people most likely to purchase your company’s products or services. If your company markets business software, you’ll want to offer entrepreneurial quotes. On the other hand, healthcare companies might regularly post quotes appealing to nurses or doctors.

Create Your Own Images

While it might seem easy to begin grabbing motivational images, this is rarely the best option. Your company could find itself in trouble from using copyrighted images. Of course, using quotes means attributing them to their respective authors. However, it’s best to use your own images while creating posts based around these quotes using tools like Canva. This also helps to ensure that your business is effectively branding all created content.

Place Quotes on Company Social Media Pages

After creating the right images, you might wonder where to post them. Considering that, you’ll want to place these images on your company’s social media pages. This ensures that your company is popping up in followers’ feeds, staying fresh in their minds. In addition, this shows followers that your company is worth continuing to follow.

Try to Avoid Spamming Quotes

While it’s important to have a stream of content, this can go wrong. With that in mind, it’s important to avoid going overboard regarding inspirational quotes. It’s great to want your audience to stay motivated. However, posting too many images each day could cause more harm than good. Your followers want fresh contact but they don’t need to be bombarded. Therefore, consider keeping posts relevant and not creating more than a few per day. Social Media Today reports that posting too much will likely “annoy your followers.”

To summarize, inspirational quotes are important ways for companies to market themselves. Many companies have grown their online following through this type of marketing. However, it’s important to follow a few guidelines while creating these types of posts. If you follow the previously mentioned tips, your company might obtain a similar type of success.

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