A good office administrator is worth their weight in gold. When you have an experienced and skilled office manager, you want him or her to spend their time on actually managing all the many nuances of your office as efficiently as possible. Taking the office tasks that are repetitive but necessary and automating them will enable your office administrator to better direct their efforts to more important tasks.


Organizing meetings is one way you can free up some time for your overworked office staff. With automated scheduling software, you can book, reschedule and send reminders about upcoming meetings. While you will still have to add attachments to the meeting events, many software applications allow for automatic cloud syncing. When syncing is enabled, you can easily access all your meeting documents on the go.

Data Entry

Who loves filling out forms with repetitive fields? No one! Fortunately, there are many applications that take the pain out of this mundane and boring time-killer. Some applications will automatically fill out common fields in an online form, and many applications will do the same for a localized form. Some tools can even output a pdf file, making the document management process far more convenient.

Re-ordering Supplies

Paper, pens, ink cartridges and many other office items have to be reordered regularly. Stop calling the vendors and filling out online orders. Instead, utilize currently available technology to automate this necessary task. Many printers will send notifications to the vendor when the ink is running low. Other products can be set up on a subscription for scheduled reorders. Never run out of staples again!

Lead Generation

Marketing automation is an invaluable tool for consolidating lead generation results and sales efforts based on the supplied leads. One of the main benefits includes the ability of the marketing and sales teams to now choose what criteria signifies a lead that is ready for the sales stage. Automation software also allows you to fine-tune your interactions with each lead, armed with their personal information.

When you automate repetitive tasks, you free up time for other jobs. No matter your business or industry, saving time is saving money. Automation also streamlines tasks and helps lessen the amount of incorrect and faulty data. Especially when coupled with a centralized data repository, automation can effectively increase your overall productivity, security and efficiency. Stop thinking of time as your enemy but make it your friend with time-saving automation.

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