Health insurance is becoming one of the more sought-after employee perks. Unfortunately for businesses, it can seem like an avoidable expense. Why should you provide health insurance if you don’t necessarily have to? However, the truth is that many businesses can benefit from offering health insurance in several ways.

Attract Better Employees

It’s no secret that employees who know that they are a value to the company are the first to seek better opportunities. You have the chance to be that better opportunity. Employees are happy to take a different job without a change in pay if it means better benefits.

Recruiting will become a struggle of the past as you’ll see higher quality candidates lining up for your open positions. JustBlog talks about when deciding whether to accept a job, approximately 48 percent of people decided based on the availability of health benefits.

Improved Employee Performance

When it comes to performance and productivity, there’s always a way to improve. Leaders can choose to white knuckle their way through a rough patch, or they can throw a ton of inspirational quotes at their staff. However, the results are the same; performance will stay the same until something changes.

A real change that inspires an uptick in performance is health insurance. When people have health insurance, and they think something is wrong, they can go to a doctor, call for advice, or get help online. MD Proactive explains that with online medical attention becoming increasingly available, employees are able to receive care more quickly and at a lower cost. Reducing absenteeism isn’t the only change you’ll see from offering health benefits; you can also expect a jump in employee morale, even thanks to online medical services.

Regarding the aspect of job satisfaction, staff that has health care through employers see this benefit as a vital part of their overall well-being. Not only are you providing this person’s paycheck, but you’re also providing him or her with the availability of quality care. That fact increases job satisfaction.

Fewer Sick Days

Improved wellness of your staff starts with the availability of health care. Not only can your employees access a doctor when they are sick, but they can also begin taking proactive measures.

It’s probably not surprising to learn that most adults don’t go in for regular checkups. It’s usually because they can’t afford it. However, they also don’t account for the money they lose when they are sick at home.

Return to Work Matters describes how healthier employees need fewer sick days, and sick days can take a toll on your business. Even the availability of online medical services can help your employee plan their medical visits on their own time.

How much would you pay for increased job satisfaction, fewer employees absent, and better talent coming in the door? The cost might be as low as offering health insurance to your employees.

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