Successful entrepreneurs must wear a number of hats on a daily basis. And the entrepreneur who is not constantly focused on productivity could soon find his or herself in trouble. Each entrepreneur will develop their own methods of assuring productivity for themselves and their team members. However, there are a number of productivity strategies from which all entrepreneurs can benefit.

A Project Schedule

The first step to ensuring a successful project is developing a good project schedule. There will always exist a temptation to get straight to work and not concern yourself with a schedule, but do not fall for this trap. One main consideration of project schedules is predecessor tasks. A predecessor task is one that must be completed before a successor task can begin. You should always remember that some tasks (successors) are at the mercy of other tasks (predecessors), so you need to plan to put the appropriate resources into completing predecessor tasks so that the whole pipeline continues to function properly.

Delegate Tasks

The typical day in the life of an entrepreneur may involve playing the role of salesperson, financial manager, and innovative presence. All this while taking care of the day-to-day operations of your business. Performing all these tasks may be enjoyable at first, but it will not be long before you begin to feel drained. Before you get to the point where you work long days and nights only to see your task list grow, you should delegate some of these tasks to others. Assess the strength and weaknesses of the members of your team and free yourself from tasks they can do for you.


Public accountability can do a lot to motivate both you and the members of your team. You only need to set goals for all team members, including yourself, and share them with the group. When you and team members feel you will have to answer to each other for unmet goals, it can provide the extra motivation needed to complete vital tasks. Be sure to share results when team members perform at a high level to show your appreciation.

A successful entrepreneur will be forced to excel in a variety of roles. Maintaining productivity in a high-intensity environment for both the entrepreneur and team members will be essential to the success of a project. The three project strategies above will help increase and maintain productivity.

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